Horn Beads

Horn Beads

Horn beads are actually made of cow and buffalo horns, which are beautified when reconstructed to give a proper form & shape. Horn beads are available in variety with beautiful natural colors to add an extra edge to their impact. Horn Beads can be made colored by the use of chemicals and dyes. Its also polished and buffed to add on....

Product Origin: Indian
Model Number: Horn Beads
Brand Name: DevBeads

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Company Name: Dev Overseas
Contact Person: Sumit Gupta
Address: B-62, 2nd Floor, Kamla Nagar,  Agra-282005
Zip: 282005
Telephone: 91-562-4006032
Fax: 91-562-4006032
E-mail: devbeads@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.devbeads.com

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